NFL Season Predictions for 2019 Season


The NFL season is finally here and The Big Lead staff has made their picks. 

NFC East

Bobby Burack: Eagles

Liam McKeone: Eagles

Brian Giuffra: Eagles

Kyle Koster: Eagles

Ryan Glasspiegel: Cowboys

Ryan Phillips: Eagles

NFC North

Bobby Burack: Bears

Liam McKeone: Packers

Brian Giuffra: Packers

Kyle Koster: Packers

Ryan Glasspiegel: Vikings

Ryan Phillips: Packers

NFC South

Bobby Burack: Falcons

Liam McKeone: Saints

Brian Giuffra: Saints

Kyle Koster: Saints

Ryan Glasspiegel: Panthers

Ryan Phillips: Saints

NFC West

Bobby Burack: Rams

Liam McKeone: Rams

Brian Giuffra: Seahawks

Kyle Koster: Seahawks

Ryan Glasspiegel: Rams

Ryan Phillips: Rams

AFC East

Bobby Burack: Patriots

Liam McKeone: Patriots

Brian Giuffra: Patriots

Kyle Koster: Patriots

Ryan Glasspiegel: Patriots

Ryan Phillips: Patriots

AFC North

Bobby Burack: Steelers

Liam McKeone: Steelers

Brian Giuffra: Steelers

Kyle Koster: Browns

Ryan Glasspiegel: Ravens

Ryan Phillips: Steelers

AFC South

Bobby Burack: Texans

Liam McKeone: Texans

Brian Giuffra: Jaguars

Kyle Koster: Jaguars

Ryan Glasspiegel: Colts

Ryan Phillips: Texans

AFC West

Bobby Burack: Chiefs

Liam McKeone: Chiefs

Brian Giuffra: Chiefs

Kyle Koster: Chiefs

Ryan Glasspiegel: Chargers

Ryan Phillips: Chiefs

Wild Cards

Bobby Burack; Cowboys, Packers, Jets, Chargers

Liam McKeone: Bears, Seahawks, Browns, Broncos

Brian Giuffra: Falcons, Vikings, Texans, Broncos

Kyle Koster: Rams, Bears, Texans, Chargers

Ryan Glasspiegel: Bears, Eagles, Chiefs, Jets

Ryan Phillips: Seahawks, Cowboys, Browns, Chargers


Bobby Burack: Carson Wentz

Liam McKeone: Aaron Rodgers

Brian Giuffra: Drew Brees

Kyle Koster: Aaron Rodgers

Ryan Glasspiegel: Baker Mayfield

Ryan Phillips: Drew Brees

NFC Championship Game

Bobby Burack: Eagles over Bears

Liam McKeone: Saints over Eagles

Brian Giuffra: Packers over Eagles

Kyle Koster: Packers over Saints

Ryan Glasspiegel: Bears over Cowboys

Ryan Phillips: Saints over Eagles

AFC Championship Game

Bobby Burack: Chiefs over Patriots

Liam McKeone: Chiefs over Patriots

Brian Giuffra: Chiefs over Patriots

Kyle Koster: Patriots over Chiefs

Ryan Glasspiegel: Patriots over Browns

Ryan Phillips: Patriots over Chiefs

Super Bowl

Bobby Burack: Eagles over Chiefs

Liam McKeone: Saints over Chiefs

Brian Giuffra: Chiefs over Packers

Kyle Koster: Packers over Patriots

Ryan Glasspiegel: Patriots over Bears

Ryan Phillips: Patriots over Saints