How to Watch the NFL Schedule Release: Date, Time & Channel

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The NFL has largely succeeded in its quest to be a year-round talking point and the 2023 schedule release is the most extreme example of that. Once an unremarkable aspect of season prep that nobody other than season-ticket holders and teams cared about, the league now makes a big show of the schedule release and even has a primetime television slot to do the big reveals.

You may be interested in viewing such an event. No judgement here. We exist to provide the information that you, reader, desire.

In that vein, before we get started, there is a possibility that this year's schedule release is delayed. We do not know how that would happen given they've had the same amount of time to prepare as any other year but that's the rumor, so be aware.

If things go off without a hitch and a delay is not necessary, here's how to watch the 2023 NFL schedule release.

How to Watch the NFL Schedule Release

Officially there is no set date or time for the 2023 NFL schedule release. However, ESPN reported on April 30 that the league was targeting May 11 as the release date. Assuming that still holds, and based off how it aired last year, we can guess that he NFL schedule release will air on Thursday, May 11 at 8 p.m. ET. Last year the broadcast of the event was exclusively on NFL Network, so it's reasonable to assume that would be the case this year especially given the uncertainty surrounding the actual airing of the event. All your favorite sports channels will have a whole lot of coverage on it, though.

So, in short-- you will probably be able to watch the 2023 NFL schedule release on Thursday, May 11, at 8 p.m. ET on NFL Network. Unless something changes.