FOX Sports Has to Be Loving This

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

FOX Sports public relations had the opportunity to send out an email Monday morning essentially respectfully spiking the football after scoring big in Sunday night's Tampa Bay-New Orleans matchup. Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks combined for a lackluster but compelling performance that maintained reasonable drama until the final five minutes and those efforts were rewarded with FOX getting so many viewers. The best rating for an NFL telecast since Super Bowl LIV.

Remember Super Bowl LIV? We were so innocent then. COVID was not in the lexicon. Tom Brady was still a member of the New England Patriots and the NCAA Tournament was coming just around the bend.

Now, there are those who study charts like old-timey maritime captains and can tell you what all these numbers mean. I appreciate them for their prowess because they've put the time in to fully understand and contextualize the state of play. But even a big ol' dummy like myself can confidently say that if Brady-Brees garnered this much attention, then Brady-Rodgers is going to blow it out of the water.

Two of the best to ever do it, doing it against each other.

FOX will have the late game on championship Sunday, too, as if the situation couldn't get better. The setting will be Lambeau Field, perhaps the most appealing backdrop in the entire NFL. The storylines are falling out of the truck and spilling all over the street with townsfolk feasting upon them with great gusto.

The only thing that could go wrong is unrest around inauguration, which, sadly is not an inconceivable development. Barring that, all the starts are aligned for a boffo number that the doomsayers couldn't have envisioned at any point of the year.

What a day to be a person who cares about ratings.