Roundup: NFL Will Stop 'Race-Norming'; Knicks Lost; Stripper Lawsuit on Local News

Trae Young
Trae Young / Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump shuts down blog after about a month ... herd of elephants terrorizing China ... Texas high school valedictorian ditches approved speech to talk about the state's heartbeat bill .. Stanford considered not letting a kid graduate because he made fun of the Federalist Society ... the Minion at Universal Studios was caught in a fire ... In-N-Out Burger now has a pool float shaped like it's french fries ... Benjamin Netanyahu on the way out as Israel agrees to form a new government ... 12yo boy and 14yo girl break into home, find guns, shoot at police ... facts about LGBTQ month ... old painting appears to show someone holding an iPhone ... GET VACCINATED!

Driver takes wrong turn, ends up stuck on golf course. [5 Chicago]

The Carolina Hurricanes have quite a team playlist. [The Players Tribune]

RJ Barrett snaped at a reporter's "stupid-ass question" and guarunteed a win on Wednesday. [New York Post]

RIP Rick Bonnell, the longtime Hornets writer at the Charlotte Observer. []

The NFL has pledge to stop "race-norming" brain injury claims by Black players. [AP]

Mike Lindell apparently convinced Trump he's going to somehow become president again in August. [The Daily Beast]

Three reasons to actually watch Mayweather - Paul. [FanSided]

Now, that's a bad swing.

A legendary local news segment about a guy suing a stripper he thought he was dating.

Derrick Rose had high praise for Trae Young.