NFL Quarterbacks Ranked 1-32

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals / Ralph Freso/Getty Images

32. Dwyane Haskins / Colt McCoy / Case Keenum
Who is Washington's starting quarterback? Keenum started last week and got yanked. Haskins came in and stunk. McCoy has struggled with injuries after starting two games in relief of Alex Smith last year, but is apparently now healthy and may get the nod.

31. Luke Falk / Sam Darnold
Falk has completed 32 of 47 passes this season for 296 yards and one interception. Darnold is still out with mono.

30. Josh Rosen
Dead last in completion percentage, but he's averaging more yards per attempt than Mitch Trubisky, which is amazing because the gameplan Rosen gets every week may well say, "Please do not actually complete any passes because we need to draft your replacement."

29. Mitch Trubisky
Did you hear that Josh Rosen is averaging more yards per attempt than Trubisky?Three touchdowns and two interceptions in four starts. He's averaging a high school-level 147 passing yards/game and he's not even running the ball this year. The Bears are somehow 3-1 while averaging 16.5 points/game.

28. Kirk Cousins
Things just aren't going very well in Minnesota right now. Cousins has legitimate weapons, but is only pace to throw 12 touchdowns this season.

27. Joe Flacco
On Sunday morning the Broncos' website published a glowing feature about "Joe Cool." Shortly after the Broncos moved to 0-4 that same day, the Denver Post suggested he be benched as soon as his rookie backup is healthy.

26. Mason Rudolph
The Steelers game-planned beautifully for the Bengals and allowed Rudolph to pick them apart with short passes and one long one well after most of America, including the Cincinnati defense, fell asleep.

25. Josh Allen
Allen is the only quarterback with two game-winning drives so far this season. And he could have had another if it wasn't for a big hit from Jonathon Jones and the suffocating defense from the rest of the Patriots. Allen is tied for the league lead in interceptions with six and is second in fumbles with five. Now he's in the concussion protocol.

24. Kyler Murray
He's exciting, but short. Who knows how long it will take for his team to win one, but if he keeps getting sacked five times a game, it's going to take a while.

23. Andy Dalton
Ignoring Monday night's game, Dalton has been very middle-of-the-pack this season. Dalton and the Bengals could both really benefit by trading him.

22. Jared Goff
He makes so much money! Everything else about him has been beyond average. He's 20th in completion percentage, 25th in passer rating, 18th in TD passes and leads the league in interceptions. He's fourth in passing yards, but that's only because his team fell behind by 21 and he proceeded to throw the ball 68 times for 517 yards in Week 4.

Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

21. Baker Mayfield
No. 1 for preseason hype, Nos. 20-30 for everything else. Except for interceptions. He's tied for the league lead in interceptions. He's one OBJ slant pass from dropping from sixth in passing yards to 16th.

20. Daniel Jones
One good game. One less than good game. We won't know for sure if he's going to be the greatest or worst quarterback ever until at least week six, but for now he's still inspiring hope in Giants fans because of his 2-0 record. In his two starts he's averaging 280 yards passing and he's already ran for two scores.

19. Teddy Bridgewater
He's doing a fine job game-managing in Drew Brees' spot, but his numbers are so pedestrian. It's like he's back in Minnesota where he made a Pro Bowl throwing just 14 touchdown passes. His teams just win and he does his level best to not make them lose.

18. Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy G is still looking to recapture whatever it was that made him worth all that money, but the 49ers are 3-0 and Garoppolo has completed 69 percent of his passes this season, which is nice.

17. Derek Carr
He's having a completely fine season and the Raiders are much better than people thought they were, thanks a lot to the offense. Carr is third in completion percentage and 19th in total attempts. Imagine if he had Antonio Brown to throw to.

16. Marcus Mariotta
He's not completing a high percentage of his passes, and has been sacked 17 times, but he has seven touchdowns and zero interceptions. He's middle-of-the-pack in everything else and the Titans are tied for both first and last place in their division.

15. Jameis Winston
Nine touchdowns, fifth in passing yards, 16th in quarterback rating. Just two interceptions and two losses.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos
Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

14. Gardner Minshew II
Everyone loves him and with good reason. He's completing 69 percent of his passes and has thrown seven touchdowns and just one interception. And the Jaguars are tied for both first and last place in the AFC South.

13. Deshaun Watson
Lots of sacks and lots of honesty. He's been sacked 18 times, which is second most in the league. He's also thrown six touchdown passes and only one pick. If the Texans could protect him a little more, maybe he would be in the top 10 of some statistical categories instead of 12th in quarterback rating, 16th in completion percentage and 18th in passing yards.

12. Carson Wentz
Nine TDs, two interceptions. Low completion percentage. Does he still drive an old truck?

11. Jacoby Brissett
He's playing really well (10 TDs) and taking care of the football (2 picks, 2 fumbles). The rest of his numbers aren't incredibly impressive.

10. Tom Brady
Seventeenth in passing yards per game. Tied for 10th in touchdowns. Twenty-eighth in completion percentage behind Eli Manning, Most recently carried by a great defense to a win in Buffalo. Expect Brady to improve his overall numbers this week against a Washington defense that has given up the second most passing touchdowns this season.

9. Aaron Rodgers
He's Aaron Rodgers. He goes apple picking on a football Sunday after a tough loss on Thursday. Tom Brady has never even tried a strawberry, or allowed his social media team to take a Sunday off. His numbers this year are right there with his lines from a season ago, except the Packers already have three wins.

8. Kyle Allen
Somehow Cam Newton's fashion sense didn't kill the Panthers' season. Kyle Allen has been legitimately good. He's fourth in completion percentage and ninth in yards per attempt. Four touchdowns, zero picks.

7. Matt Ryan
He's thrown eight touchdown passes, but is tied for the league lead in interceptions. Ryan has been sacked 10 times so far this season, but only fumbled once. He's second in passing yards.

Leon Halip/Getty Images

6. Matthew Stafford
Top ten in just about every statistical category and he went toe-to-toe with Pat Mahomes on Sunday and had the better game. Stafford has always been pretty good. Right now he's playing pretty, pretty good.

5. Philip Rivers
Eli has two rings, but Phil Rivers has been better the entire time and is now aging gracefully. More than gracefully. Rivers has seven touchdowns and just two picks and his third in the league in passing yards and his team will be fighting for a playoff spot.

4. Dak Prescott
He didn't look like a top ten quarterback in Week 4, but every statistic says he's still in the top five right now.

3. Russell Wilson
Leads the league in completion percentage. Eight touchdowns and zero interceptions. Eighth in passing yards. He's on pace for career-bests in just about every category, which is pretty good for a five-time Pro Bowler.

2. Lamar Jackson
He's tied for the league lead in touchdown passes. He's having a better season throwing the ball than almost any team with a 2018 first round draft pick thought he ever would and he is also 16th in the league in rushing yards.

1. Patrick Mahomes
What more can be said about Patrick Mahomes that hasn't already been said about the 2015 film, Mad Max: Fury Road?

"You won't know what hit you. "

Pete Travers, Rolling Stone

"It's all great fun, and quite rousing as well. "

A. O. Scott, New York Times

"An operatic extravaganza of thrilling action and nearly non-stop mayhem ... exhilarating, deranged and exhausting in almost equal measures."

Claudia Puig, USA TODAY

That's the Pat Mahomes experience. Mad Max-in-theaters awesome.