NFL Quarterback Beer Chugs Ranked


Since Aaron Rodgers failed to chug his beer at the Bucks playoff game last spring, other NFL quarterbacks have stepped up and shown the Packers QB how it’s done. From Matt Stafford to Tom Brady, everyone seems to be getting involved. Using quickness and technique as the framework, here are our rankings for the top quarterbacks doing what they do best in the offseason: Chugging beer.

7. Aaron Rodgers, May 23

As far as this offseason’s trend of quarterbacks chugging beers goes, we pay some homage to Aaron Rodgers’ failed chug at the Bucks playoff game against Toronto back in May. He needs to work on that technique, and needless to say, the timing wasn’t there. The Bucks weren’t the only Wisconsin team to lose that night.

6. Matt Stafford, May 24

It’s no surprise that Lions quarterback Matt Stafford can chug a beer. He went to Georiga after all. His style is just … more refined these days.

5. Josh Allen, June 2

There’s walking up to the plate and then there’s walking up in style. Bills second-year quarterback Josh Allen seems to be comfortable in Buffalo.

4. Patrick Mahomes, June 1

Fifty touchdowns. Madden 20 cover. Better beer chugger than Rodgers. What can’t Mahomes do? Bonus points because he did it at a hockey game.

3. Baker Mayfield, August 3

Let’s be real with this one: are we surprised Baker can chug? Of course not. But at least he did it a little bit extra, in typical Baker Mayfield style, and shotgunned it. Not a drop spilled either.

2. Mitch Trubisky, May 31

For what it’s worth, Trubisky’s lineman Kyle Long easily beat him in this chug, like David Bakhtiari beat Rodgers at the Bucks game, but at least Trubisky finished his beer. Easily at that.

1. Tom Brady, June 7

Brady only knows how to win. Add this to the list. While everyone else is celebrating chugging beers, Brady and Co. are chugging beers at their Super Bowl ring ceremony. Brady did it with all six rings on. Top that.

He even topped his beer chug from a year ago on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

(Chug starts at 1:14)

That’s how a GOAT does it.