NFL Players Have Hilarious Reactions to Their Madden 20 Ratings


It’s that time of year. As NFL players, rookies and veterans alike, all get ready to report to training camp to prepare for the upcoming NFL seasons, they also learn about their virtual fate.

With the Madden 20 video game set to come out in about two weeks on August 2 (July 30th if you pre-ordered the special editions), NFL players are now learning about their ratings in the game.

EA Sports, the game’s developer, released the ratings on Monday. Only four players earned the distinctive “99” overall rating – Rams’ defensive lineman Aaron Donald, Texans wideout DeAndre Hopkins, Bears pass rusher Khalil Mack, and Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner. Three others came in at “98” overall and five more at 97, rounding out the top 12 players in the game at launch.

Player ratings get adjusted throughout the season as Madden rating adjusters travel to NFL games throughout the season to evaluate players growth and decline alike. ESPN even did a story about the new “greatest job in sports.”

However, there are many, many NFL players who are not happy about their Madden ratings, something that has dramatically, probably, bruised their egos just a bit, or to spin it positively, put a (virtual) chip on their shoulders entering the new NFL season.

Numerous NFL stars have taken to Twitter to discuss, and even convince you to protest the game, because of their low ratings.

NFL Twitter didn’t hold back.

Some players were cool with it and stayed positive.

Some players called the game out due to their low ratings.

Some had their own fun after learning of their 84 rating to start the new Madden year.

A few teams learned of their virtual fate together.

While others defended their teammates and peers who were also rated too low.

And apparently, the Madden ratings helped Patriots quarterback Tom Brady get incredibly faster.

And even the people at EA Sports had fun with the six-time Super Bowl winner Brady.

For an early look at Madden 20, check out our review of the beta that came out during the E3 weekend last month.