Here Are the Quarterbacks With 300 Yards Passing and 100 Yards Rushing in One Game

Josh Allen
Josh Allen / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in overtime on Sunday afternoon by the score of 33-27. It was a brutal loss, but no one can blame Josh Allen for it. The quarterback put forth a heroic effort in the second half to drag the Bills back from a multi-touchdown deficit. The fact that the game even went into overtime was remarkable, and Allen nearly ended the game himself late in the fourth quarter.

In the process, Allen accomplished a rare feat: he became only the third quarterback ever to pass for 300 yards and rush for 100 yards in the same game. This may come as a surprise, given the rise of athletic quarterbacks who can run nearly as well as they pass since the Michael Vick era, but it makes sense; usually a quarterback only has to do one or the other in order to win. To accomplish both in the same game requires a particular set of circumstances-- in Allen's case, Buffalo simply refused to hand the ball off to any of their running backs, so he was the de facto first-string RB and QB.

Who are the other quarterbacks that Allen joined in getting to those numbers? Let's take a look.

Josh Allen

As discussed above, Allen passed for 308 yards and ran for 109 yards in the Bills' loss to the Bucs. He went 36-of-54 with two touchdowns and an interception, while rushing 12 times to reach that 109-yard mark.

Cam Newton

A predictable entry. Newton is the best running quarterback of the post-Vick era (Lamar Jackson is getting there but doesn't yet have the body of work Newton does) and it is unsurprising he managed to hit these marks. On December 20, 2015, Newton faced the New York Giants. He threw for 340 yards on 25-of-45 passing and five touchdowns with zero interceptions. He rushed eight times for 100 yards on the nose. Pretty easily the best overall statline in this group, and it came in a winning effort as Newton's Panthers won the day, 38-35.

Russell Wilson

Probably not who you expected, right? We all know Wilson is an incredible passer when he's on, but over his career he's tended to rely on his legs as a last resort. While he's effective and efficient on the ground, he rarely puts up big rushing numbers. But not this day. On October 19, 2014, Wilson threw for 313 yards on 23-of-36 passing with two touchdowns while rushing for 106 yards and one touchdown on seven attempts. Like Allen, though, Wilson's impressive statline came in a losing effort, as the Seahawks fell to the then-St. Louis Rams, 28-26.