NFL Pigskin Pigsplosion Picks, Week 6

Stephen Douglas

The good news is that, while we do rake in the big bucks here, I am able to supplement my income with my prodigious picks. Honey! where is the change jar?!

Last Week

Stephen: 7-6

Lisk: 5-8


Stephen: 37-33-3

Lisk: 28-42-3

Packers (-3) @ Ravens
Lisk: The Ravens are the best team until someone else takes the title from them, or someone else is favored against them on their own field, whichever comes first. (Packers)

CRM: While it may be funnier that Eli Manning is having the worst season imaginable, it would be much more satisfying if it were Joe Flacco. (Packers)

Eagles (-2) @ Buccaneers
Lisk: The people most at risk for MRSA include the elderly, young children, indigent persons, and members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Eagles)

CRM: Who would Captain Phillips pick? (Eagles)

Lions (-2.5) @ Cleveland
CRM: You should really watch Pitch Perfect again.* (Browns)

Lisk: Most players that get hurt cost themselves money. I feel like Brian Hoyer’s agent was like “oh, yeah”. His legend will grow. (Lions)

Panthers (+3) @ Vikings
CRM: Remember that Vikings TV show that used the AWOLNATION song to make it seem super epic and I watched the first episode and whatever happened to that show anyway? (Vikings)

Lisk: Ron Rivera is confused by your line of inquiry, and chooses to punt on that question. (Panthers).

Rams (+9) @ Texans
CRM: The Rams are the most mediocre team this season, right? (Rams)

Lisk: If by mediocre, you mean, capable of beating the Jaguars and not much else, then yes. (Texans)

Steelers (+3) @ Jets
CRM: The Steelers are going to have a tough time keeping up with the Giants. (Jets)

Lisk: Classic letdown spot for the Steelers here going against the 32nd best team according to ESPN preseason rankings. (Jets)

Bengals (-7) @ Bills
Lisk:  It took me two series to come to the scientific determination that Jeff Tuel sucked. It took the Bills a little longer, as they waited until after the game to name Thad Lewis the starter while E.J. Manuel is out. (Bengals)

CRM: Stop saying “X team is only 2-games out of 1st!” I’m talking to you, Lisk. (Bengals)

Titans (+14) @ Seahawks
Lisk: A Team is only one game out of first. (Titans)

CRM: Always picking the Seahawks apparently doesn’t work. (Seahawks)

Raiders (+7.5) @ Chiefs

Lisk: I will pick against the Chiefs all year long just to get myself ready for the inevitable January gut punch (Raiders)

CRM: Pitch Perfect is the ideal movie when you are sitting at home drinking a frozen margarita.* (Chiefs)

Jaguars (+27) @ Broncos
Lisk: I look forward to the Jaguars taunting the Broncos on Twitter when they cover the spread. (Jaguars)

CRM: Is that a real number? (Broncos)

Lisk: Oh, it’s real . . . and spectacular.

Cardinals (+11) @ 49ers
Lisk: Carson Palmer has personally gone to Matt Schaub’s house to thank him for taken mantle of washed up veteran QB who is hanging around. (Cardinals)

Saints (+2.5) @ Patriots
Lisk: Tom Brady will stare lustily across the field at Jimmy Graham, dreaming of getting his own tight end soon. (Saints)

CRM: Good game. (Saints)

Redskins (+6) @ Cowboys
Lisk: I’m picking the Redskins because Rick Reilly’s father in law told me to. (Cowboys)

CRM: You hear the one about Tony Romo? Just wondering. (Cowboys)

* CRM may have taken off without providing these comments, so I took a best guess as to what he would have said. Pretty sure I nailed it.