The Kansas City Chiefs Are Still the Most Intimidating Team in the NFL

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Good Morning Football attempted to identify the most intimidating team in the NFL right now. The topic drew a wide array of opinions. The Dallas Cowboys look particularly fearsome right now but Dak Prescott is not Tom Brady. He's also not Aaron Rodgers. Or Patrick Mahomes. And perhaps no team seems less pleasant to play recently than the Indianapolis Colts.

Intimidation does not mean best or most complete and its definition can vary person to person. All of the teams mentioned are reasonable selections. Yet one that didn't get near enough attention would be my personal answer: the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yes, Tom Brady is the most accomplished winner to play professional sports since Bill Russell and the Buccaneers' defense has rounded into form, suggesting they'll repeat. But he is as he's always been: an assassin on the quiet side. His throws and drives do not have the raw power of those propelled by Mahomes, even if there's far more prestige behind his name.

The Chiefs quarterback remains the most fear-inducing offensive player in the NFL. He leads an offense that found the promised land after wandering weirdly for several weeks. They've averaged nearly 40 points per game over the last three weeks and have reached the 30-point plateau in more than half their games. Then there's the defense, which has held opponents to 12.8 points per contest during an eight-game winning streak. In five of those, they've limited the damage to 10 or fewer points.

Tampa Bay may be a close second and eventually prove me wrong. Dallas looked entirely human only a few weeks ago. Green Bay is winning but in less than impressive fashion. Indianapolis could be 16-1 and people still wouldn't be intimidated by Carson Wentz. Right or wrong, that's the reality.

KC shouldn't even feel slighted. Being slightly under the radar is probably the best thing for them. And it's pretty remarkable that's where they still exist despite the presence of one Patrick Mahomes.