NFL Media Slams Texans For Firing PR VP Amy Palcic

Texans Single Helmet
Texans Single Helmet / Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

In news that would normally fly far under the radar for your average NFL fan, the Houston Texans have decided to fire their VP of communications, Amy Palcic. The reason this internal move registered with the public at large is because Adam Schefter tweeted about it.

The way this tweet is framed seems to indicate that Schefter thinks this is a mistake. He then retweeted other media members who said that more clearly in response to Houston's decision, and NFL media members around the industry joined in to proclaim how big of an error this is by the Texans. Some more strongly than others.

While this blogger has never interacted with Palcic, she is clearly very well-liked and respected around the industry. Schefter is usually neutral in the tone of his tweets and his choice of retweets, but he widely broadcasted the sentiment that the Texans screwed up nevertheless.

It is also curious timing by the Texans, to say the least. They let Bill O'Brien act as both head coach and GM for the better part of a year and a half, fired him after an 0-4 start this year, and currently sit at 2-6 on the season with their 2020 first and second-round picks going to Miami. This year, and potentially next, is a complete wash and a huge waste of Deshaun Watson's prime seasons. Somebody in the organization -- Jack Easterby, team preacher turned power broker who has survived several regime changes, according to Ian Rapoport -- looked at the situation and decided that right now was the perfect time to fire their award-winning PR person because she's not a "cultural fit"?

From the looks of it, it will not be very long before Palcic gets another job. Then everyone will look back on this as just another bad decision in a very long string of them for the Houston Texans.