VIDEO: Maurkice Pouncey Sounds Off on New CBA Deal, Players Association

Maurkice Pouncey doesn't love the new CBA
Maurkice Pouncey doesn't love the new CBA / Al Pereira/Getty Images

The 32 team representatives for the NFLPA approved the new collective bargaining agreement brought to them by NFL owners, as reported by multiple NFL insiders on Wednesday morning. This does not mean the new CBA has been passed, but rather that it will be brought to the rest of the players, who will then vote to ratify the deal or send discussions back to the drawing board.

Russell Wilson already tweeted out his opposition to the deal, which exhibited the difference in viewpoints for NFL superstars and everyone else. Maurkice Pouncey chimed in on his Instagram account later in the morning and did not mince words about his displeasure with the new deal and the players selected to represent their colleagues during negotiations with owners. His rant is quite NSFW:

Pouncey said both he and his brother would be voting no, and criticized those who were supposedly working for the greater good of all the players. He also offered any financial assistance that young guys and less established players would need in the event of a lockout.

This is just another demonstration of the split between the players. This Pouncey brother has made about $32 million in guaranteed money alone throughout his career, and is currently the fourth-highest paid center in the NFL. He won't have an issue surviving a lockout, but is aware that others may not be in the same boat. But paying for his teammates' living expenses doesn't seem sustainable over the course of a season, which is the situation players are facing if they can't come to an agreement with the owners.