Kyle Brandt Courageously Stands Up to the Powerful NFL Throwback Uniform Lobby

Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

We've seen some great throwback uniforms across the NFL this year — from the New York Giants to Philadelphia Eagles to Tampa Bay Buccaneers — and that's really fun because it reminds so many people of pencils or bedsheets they had as a kid. And in an age where everything seemingly sucks and is awful, it's refreshing to see people get unreasonably excited about some old threads. Invariably every game where these vintage jerseys and helmets are worn is followed by a great discourse regarding why the team involved doesn't wear them for every game.

It's an understandable impulse because if something is good, why wouldn't you want more of it. That doesn't make those advocating for such a future any less wrong. On Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt dug deep and summoned the gumption to push back against the movement.

"The reason it is so exciting to see these uniforms is because we haven't seen them in so long," he explained. "If you see them every single weekend every single year the juice is gone."

Then he stopped being polite and really started being real while addressing the other side of the aisle.

"You are the people who go on a nice vacation to a lovely resort and you're there for a week and on the last day you have a few Bay Breezes and you stumble into the timeshare office. And you're like you know what, we should! We should come back every year!"

Brandt also summed the wisdom of Dr. Ian Malcolm in pointing out that nature selected these throwbacks for extinction which is also definitely true but also probably involved a bunch of marketing experts sitting around a table envisioning new merchandise.

Moderation, people. It's a word we're hearing more and more but always with just the right frequency.