NFL Free Agency Odds: 5 Juicy Bets with Value

Tom Brady odds and bets.
Tom Brady odds and bets. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

This year's NFL free agency period projects to be the wildest yet. This makes it an opportune time to get into sports betting. Not buying the up-to-minute, conflicting reports? I feel you, but Vegas apparently is a believer (in some of them). Here are the five best bets leading into next week's unknown. All odds via Odds Shark.

NFL Free Agency Odds

Tom Brady to the Titans +500

Gut feeling: Tom Brady will demoralize the entire sports world and stay with the New England Patriots. But I like the bet of the Titans at +500 over the Pats at -150. Jeff Darlington, who is connected to the situation, named Tennessee as the favorites last month. If Brady isn't trolling for the sake of trolling, and actually looks into his options, it's going to be difficult to not give the Titans serious consideration. Brady is close with Mike Vrabel, Derrick Henry is a legit monster, and the team is a quarterback away from competing for a Super Bowl.

Andy Dalton +600 for "If Not Tom Brady, Which QB Will Start For The New England Patriots In Week 1?"

IF Brady pulls off the face-turn and takes his 43-year-old self elsewhere, put me down for Andy Dalton as his replacement. Bill Belichick has enough arrogance — which he's earned — to start the nothing-but-mediocre Dalton at quarterback. The scenario has been rumored enough times I wonder if someone knows something we don't. Jarrett Stidham would be my second guess at +700 (imagine the headlines if the Patriots win with him). Ryan Tannehill +350 is intriguing if Brady bolts for the Titans. Though I'd stay away from that number right now as it's so unclear what Brady's attentions are.

Colts +200 as the roster Philip Rivers is on Week 1.

I tend to go against favorites when there are so many options, but the Colts are the only team that makes sense for Philip Rivers. Rivers is well past his prime at 38 and was average when he was at his best last season. Indianapolis has, however, been linked to Rivers for weeks. It's puzzling that Rivers is looked at as a better option in football circles than Jacoby Brissett, 27, yet here we are.

Cam Newton won't start for the Panthers Week 1, +200.

This is my favorite bet of the day. I don't see Newton returning. It's felt over in Carolina for some time. It may take an on-the-record comment for me to take Yes at -300. Panthers' owner David Tepper got so annoyed talking about Newton's health ("Listen, I'm not a doctor. He's not a doctor, so there's a lot of different things can happen"), it's hard to envision the billionaire signing off on another second of inevitable speculation surrounding Newton's health. 

Yes at +150 Amari Cooper returns to Dallas.

The never-ending Dak Prescott contract distraction complicates the Cowboys' future. Still, they can't afford to lose Amari Cooper. Mike McCarthy, despite a reputation as an "offensive mind," did a poor job of elevating skill players in Green Bay. Dallas needs more weapons, not less. Cooper's nine-game, six-touchdown run with the Cowboys in 2018 is all that's needed to know about his value to this football team. Bet on Jerry Jones getting this done.