NFL Draft: League Tells Rams to Keep Jared Goff Going 1st Quiet to Sustain "Drama"


Jared Goff is going 1st in the NFL Draft Thursday. It’s a 100% lock. The Los Angeles Rams didn’t trade up for Carson Wentz, who isn’t NFL ready. Everyone credible who reports on these matters has said so. Including Mike Silver, who was in the Rams’ war room three of the last four years. Silver even came on my radio show Saturday and said the Browns wanted Goff, too. When the Rams traded up, Cleveland had no interest in Wentz. (Which means the Eagles were bidding against themselves but that’s another story.)

Which makes this, from the LA Times, kind of funny:

"Multiple people with knowledge of the situation say the NFL has asked the Rams to keep their quarterback choice quiet until the draft, thereby sustaining the drama."

That’s an understandable request from the NFL, and the Rams will obviously take heed, given the offseason so far. They already caved and did Hard Knocks, right? Can you imagine Jeff Fisher’s teeth gnashing when he committed to the show?

Now the real question begins: Who is Goff going to be throwing to?