'NFL Blitz' is Returning With Modern Sensitivities Replacing the Non-Stop Violence


NFL Blitz, the beloved violent football game from the late 90's and early 00's, is making a comeback. Arcade1Up is restoring the classic with a few minor tweaks. Most notably, the removal of the gratuitous and late violent tackles that caused all that beloving. Via Polygon:

“The NFL was warm to the idea, because [NFL Blitz] was loved by fans,” Davin Sufer, Arcade1Up’s chief technology officer, told Polygon. But if they were going to re-release three of sports video gaming’s most memorable arcade adaptations in a new package, they had to be cleaned up for modern sensibilities.

“They said, ‘Guys, if you want to do this, you’ve got to address these issues,’” Sufer said.

The thought of the NFL telling a video game company they have to address some issues is very funny. As is the repeated language about "modern NFL sensibilities." Who knows how the new woke version of NFL Blitz will affect sales of the $599 arcade game.

Looking at this highlight compilation, every play ends in a lightning-filled tremor. Even without the violence the nostalgia of the turn of the century rosters will probably be enough for anyone willing to spend that kind of money.