Is There an NFL Game on Black Friday? History & Schedule

Steve Marcus/GettyImages

The NFL has owned Thanksgiving ever since the Detroit Lions started playing an annual game in 1934. Then in 1967 the Dallas Cowboys said, hey, that's a pretty good idea right there and started doing it well. Eventually the league realized there should also be a primetime game for a tripleheader as a bloated nation tried to digest too many calories.

But until now, Black Friday has been the domain of some traditional college matchups as The Shield took a backseat. Obviously, someone realized that was untenable and such prime real estate must be monetized.

And so we now have a Black Friday NFL game. Amazon, which will broadcast the event, has been selling it hard as a thing. Initially it seemed a bit ridiculous that they were making such a huge deal about yet another weekday football game. With time and some being worn down, we know realize how brilliant of an idea this is.

The first-ever matchup in what will surely become a yearly staple will see Miami traveling to New York to play the Jets at MetLife. Kickoff is slated for 3 p.m. ET and early scuttlebutt is that the ratings are going to be excellent.

Especially if the Jets can win this weekend and bring some momentum and playoff hopes into the event. Aaron Rodgers is supposed to defy science and medicine and magically return in December. Hell, maybe he'll be playing on Black Friday.

If not, viewers will still get an opportunity to check out Mike McDaniel's high-powered Dolphins offense and Tua Tagovailoa.

Go ahead and be cynical about Black Friday NFL. You'll be watching it this year and for years to come. With time you'll actually start to look forward to it and it'll become a tradition. The league knows this and will be richly rewarded.