Newspaper Sports Covers From Around the United States on the Day Sports Stopped


The sports world was put on halt Thursday as the pandemic known as coronavirus, or COVID-19, forced every league to postpone or cancel events to help halt the possibility of spreading the disease further.

Of course, this put editors and journalists in an awkward position: how do you cover sports when no sports are being played? Today, on newspapers around the nation, we got our answer.

Below is a collection of sports front pages from around the United States. Everyone focused on different areas, but overall, the message was similar -- sports are canceled.

Los Angeles Times

Detroit Free Press

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The New York Times

The Washington Post

New York Post

Houston Chronicle

Louisville Courier Journal

A sobering reminder of what happened over the last 24 hours or so.

The interesting thing will be: what happens next? Obviously covering the news of the day filled the sports pages. But after that news has faded, where do these sports pages go next? Also as interesting to think about, what will they look like when sports resume? "Game on" will likely be a common header. But until that day comes, we'll only have the reminders of what happened when sports was canceled.