Newspaper Ad Begs Jacksonville Jaguars to Sign Tim Tebow, Promises Full Stadium [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

This appears to be something that really showed up in a Florida newspaper – presumably the Times Union – this morning.

[UPDATE: The mystery man behind the ad … former PGA golfer Dewey Arnette, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. He spends a lot of time in Jacksonville.]

The Jaguars remain near the bottom of the NFL in attendance this season, and those numbers only figure to plummet with the Jags hosting three more unwatchable teams: Houston, Buffalo and Tennessee. There was an announced crowd of over 59,000 for the snoozer against Arizona Sunday – better known as the game in which a dude had his dreadlock pulled out – but actual attendance was probably half that.

Tim Tebow is unemployed, but probably on his way to ESPN and the SEC Network as soon as the NFL season is over. The Jaguars would be smart to sign him – should have done it in September – in an effort to make money off his star appeal, but my guess is that at this point, Tebow would turn them down. What’s he going to do on a bad team in a few games? Call it a career and move on.

He’ll flourish in the broadcast booth or in politics, whichever one he opts for. [H/T Chad Dukes]

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