Newsmax Live Shot Interrupted By Man In Underwear


On Tuesday night, Newsmax host Rob Schmitt had two pundits on discussing Donald Trump's win in the Iowa Caucus. One was former Bill Clinton advisor-turned-Trump supporter Dick Morris. And good old Dick got a rude lesson in the dangers of a work-from-home setup, as someone walked into the room behind him wearing their underwear.

Morris appeared to be set up at a table near his kitchen, and as he was talking about the "mainstream media" and its love for Nikki Haley, an unidentified person clad in either a tank top and either underwear or some very short shots walked in the room and right past the camera.

Check this out:

The fact that no one even mentioned this occurred made it even weirder.

I'll be honest, due to the video quality, I can't tell if that's a man or a woman, though other outlets are claiming it's a man, so we're going with that until told otherwise.