Newsmax Hosts Laughed at Ron DeSantis During Iowa Speech

Ron DeSantis Holds His Caucus Night Event In Iowa
Ron DeSantis Holds His Caucus Night Event In Iowa / Scott Olson/GettyImages

Donald Trump won the Iowa Caucus on Monday, ending a six-month period where Republicans invaded the state and refused to leave until a small fraction of the population picked a presidential candidate. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finished second, edging out Nikki Haley by about 2,000 votes and two percentage points, but it apparently felt like a big win for DeSantis who insisted he got his "ticket punched out of Iowa." And people found it funny.

Newsmax carried DeSantis' non-concession speech and were literally laughing by the end. This was funny to them. Ron DeSantis spent millions of dollars to beat Nikki Haley by two points and they're laughing.

Haley and DeSantis will now turn their attention to the New Hampshire Primary, which will be held on January 23rd. It doesn't seem fair that Iowa had to put up with this circus since before Labor Day and then New Hampshire only has to do it for a week, but that's how the system works for some reason. After that it's on to Nevada, then South Carolina, and then Michigan. Then it's straight on to sectionals and then a week later is semis, then semi-regionals, then regional-semis, then national lower-zone semis.