Newsmax's Greg Kelly Attacks Joe Biden's Dog Champ For Unpresidential Appearance

Greg Kelly and Champ.
Greg Kelly and Champ. /

Joe Biden's dogs, Champ and Major, are having quite a day. First, @TheOvalPawffice, the "parody" Twitter account which was treated as if it were run by the First Dogs, was suspended. Then Greg Kelly went after Champ during the Friday episode of Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax.

Apparently, the appearance of the German Shepard had been bothering him all day as he tweeted a picture of the dog this afternoon saying, "Looks like CHAMP was tied on a rope to the Back of a car for a LONG trip."

Here's Kelly talking about Champ on Friday night.

"Doesn't he look a little rough? I love dogs! But this dog needs a bath and a comb and all kinds of love and care. I've never seen a dog in the White House like this. I remember Buddy. I remember Millie. I remember lots of dogs but not a dog who seems, I don't know. I don't know how much love and care he is getting. "

Kelly then said he was "having fun," but immediately went back at the dog after introducing his guests.

"Millie had a staff and they really took care of her. Very beautiful dog. This dog looks like from, I'm sorry, from the junkyard. And I love that dog but he looks like he's not that well cared for."

Craig Shirley then jumped in to say this.

"He looks very dirty and disheveled and very unlike a presidential dog like Millie or Victory or something else in the past in the White House. "

And that is your presidential dog discourse for the day on Newsmax. Who knows how OAN will respond.