More People Have Heard Stuff About the Big Washington Football Team Story

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins / G Fiume/Getty Images

As the hours pass, more and more people with reporting credentials and at least loose connections to those with knowledge of the Washington professional football franchise hype a looming bombshell report that will supposedly cause all hell to break loose. Very few of them work for the Washington Post, which is believed to be waiting to light the fuse on the piece.

Here are some more people who have heard some things.

Yesterday we wondered aloud what going on with all this after Dan Steinberg, who works for the Post but knows nothing, pointed out the bizarre trend of winking and nodding.

A few hours after publishing this conflicted piece, something crazy happened. Someone who might know something reached out and told me something. That something was specific details about the story but -- and this is important -- could never appear in print or even a blog post because they were wildly speculative. Throwing that nugget in here not to beat my own chest but to illustrate just how widespread the rumor mill and game of telephone is right now.

In fact, it's hard to remember a rumored story this massive that's remained under wraps so well for so long. At this point it might be worth considering if this will be our permanent homeostasis and the actual piece will never publish. We'll all just go on like the people on that Too Many Cooks video waiting to be put out of our misery.

Plus, if everyone else is doing it, why miss out on the fun? The media ethicist stuff is for the other 364 days of the year.

Or it could come out in a few hours. No one really knows anything and the people who do aren't saying anything.