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Friday Was a No-Good, Very Bad Day For New York Sports Teams

Liam McKeone
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

New York City is enjoying quite a bit of sports success in 2021. The Brooklyn Nets are on the short list of favorites to win the NBA title. The New York Knicks are a playoff team despite entering the season as an expected lottery team. The New York Yankees look like they'll be playoff-bound once more in 2021 with the pitching and batting to take on anybody. The New York Mets are leading the NL East despite losing Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard to injury at various points and a tough start to the year by Francisco Lindor.

A nice time to be a fan of New York sports. Except last night. On Friday, all four of New York City's teams took their respective fields of play. And three of four lost. In pretty brutal manners, too. One team won, but fans couldn't even enjoy it because it was cut short.

The Nets fell to the Celtics despite getting 80 points combined from Kevin Durant and James Harden. Brooklyn fans were forced to watch as Jayson Tatum scored 50 and dragged a shorthanded Boston team to victory while Kyrie Irving wilted in the spotlight of TD Garden. Not an easy pill to swallow by any means. Down south, Knicks fans watched their team fail to win a crucial Game 3 against the Atlanta Hawks. Julius Randle's playoff struggles continue and really only Derrick Rose decided to show up. An orange and blue playoff run is a pleasant surprise, but Friday was a winnable game that would have given the Knicks an advantage going forward and they failed to capitalize.

On the diamond, the Yankees lost in the most heartbreaking of ways: a walk-off home run against one of the absolute worst teams in baseball residing in Michigan. They'd been on a pretty solid run, winning four of their last six games, including a sweep of the AL Central-leading White Sox. Then they failed to muster more than one run in the first nine innings in Detroit and blew a one-run lead in the bottom of the tenth. Again, the Tigers are 20-31.

The Mets were the only NYC team to notch something in the win column last night. Which is great! They need every win they can get in order to hold onto the top slot in the division. But the game got rained out in the top of the seventh and the umps eventually called it.

So, basically, if you were an NYC sports fan of any type and wanted to enjoy some entertainment last night, your options were: watch the Knicks lose a huge game to the Hawks, watch the Nets lose to a team they definitely should not lose to, watch the Yankees blow an extra-innings lead to a terrible team, or watch six and a half innings of the Mets.

A tough evening. At least the Mets won!