New York Post Continues Series About Attractive Waitresses Who Are Only After Your Big Tips


Have you ever been to a restaurant where a server smiled at you or wore their hair in a certain way? Well, they might have been doing it to trick you into giving them a better tip according to the New York Post. In what is the second in a series of articles in The Post about servers in pigtails (and at least the third in articles about female servers trying to get better tips) the paper identified several other things that servers do to "trick" you into giving bigger tips. And this time they made a graphic.

Aptly named "Applebee's Sydney Sweeney," this graphic has everything. A typo (squating), a contradiction (let down hair which should be in pig tails) and two arrows pointing to the mouth which has lip gloss, a smile and a Southern accent that you can hear if you hold the tweet up close to your ear.

The article itself is more than the graphic though. The Post actually spoke with an expert:

Professor William Michael Lynn from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration has researched tipping for years and has outlined 20 techniques that servers can employ to rake in more cash. They include wearing something unusual; complimenting a customer’s food choices; writing “thank you” or drawing a picture on the check; squatting down next to the table or standing physically close to a customer; and smiling.

Amazingly, in 20 years, the Professor hasn't considered pigtails.

Lynn hasn’t explored pigtails in his research, but the hairstyle’s effectiveness doesn’t surprise him. 

“I believe that if it makes the waitress look younger … it increases her sexual appeal,” he told The Post. “That’s probably why it increases tips.”

I think that means that the scientific community has no choice but to consider this article groundbreaking. Although, it all may be a bit simpler than that as the Professor says that studies find that attractive women get better tips. So I guess that's enough science for one day. Anyone know which Applebee's employed the server in the graphic?