Videos Of Flooding in New York Are Insane

Flooding in New York City subway
Flooding in New York City subway /

The remnants of Hurricane Ida have hit the New York area and are currently drenching it in inches of water. The entire area is currently being pummeled by the rain and the videos emerging of the flooding are spectacular. Nothing has been spared. Roads, airports, the U.S. Open and, especially, the subway system are all being inundated.

What follows are some of the craziest photos and videos we found of the flooding in the area.

The subway system was just getting washed out. Bystanders caught some truly incredible footage:

Roads were no better as there appeared to be feet of water in some areas:

This place in Brooklyn is toast:

Action was halted at the U.S. Open and crowds scurried for the exits. This photo below is ironic because Armstrong Stadium actually has a roof on it. It's clearly not working.

The field at Yankee Stadium was a lake:

Even Newark Airport wasn't spared from flooding:

Here's hoping everyone in the New York area is staying safe. And please, for the love of God, avoid the subway.