New Wrigley Field Seats Too Small to Accommodate Larger Cub Fans


The Chicago Cubs’ home opener on Tuesday was a major reveal for Wrigley Field, which has undergone extensive renovations during the offseason.

The Friendly Confines have gradually bent more toward the Corporate Confines over the last decade. That means more entertainment options, amenities, and modernization. People love that stuff. What they don’t love, however, is when their generous Midwestern bodies can’t fit into the fancy new seats.

"When the Cubs decided to move and enlarge the dugouts and build a swanky, exclusive club behind home plate, they also changed some of the seats down the left- and right-field lines, making them smaller. Some complained those aren’t big enough for regular-sized fans. One said they were built for “middle school students,” and another wondered if they were modeled after middle seats in the back of airplanes. One fan called it the “120-pound or less section,” and another called the section “the Spirit Airlines of stadium seats.” “It’s a huge difference (from last year),” said Don Cameron, a Cubs’ fan from Barrington who was wedged into a seat rubbing shoulders with his son. “I suppose it’s better now than it’ll be in August when it’s 95 degrees and we’re all sweating.”"

Visual evidence of the seating situation backs up the concern. This appears to be two average-sized baseball fans sitting normally, yet dominating the blank space between.

Looks like a tough situation for anyone with formidable lats.

I think I speak for all of us Internet types in saying that we anxiously await the first fan fight brought on by a personal space infringement. Eventually someone is going to tire of being perspired on by a stranger after a half-dozen ballpark beers and snap.

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