New Ronda Rousey SI Swimsuit Body Paint Photos Have "Leaked"

Ryan Glasspiegel

A few weeks ago, TMZ put out a video of first-look photos from Ronda Rousey’s bodypaint shoot for the upcoming SI Swimsuit issue, and they put out a video of another round of them over the weekend. Without any inside information, it’s presumable that these are coming out through TMZ via a strategic publicity plan rather than their having uncovered them through illicit means, but who knows.

One of TMZ’s correspondents said this would be bad for Holly Holm that Rousey is getting her confidence and swagger back, but my knee-jerk, unsophisticated-on-MMA-matters reaction is that every additional outside endeavor Rousey takes on makes her less likely to regain her dominance in the ring. The rematch has already been pushed back to an indefinite date.