2021 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms Just a Disaster

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

One of the easiest things in the world to do is log on each and every single day, find something to criticize Major League Baseball for, and hit send. There's no shortage of low-hanging fruit and a built-in incentive structure to paint the venerable entity as bumbling explorer in a brave new world threatening to leave the sport and its fans behind. But it's super-hard to make thousands of decisions and act as a steward for game driven by local interest and a challenging puzzle to fit all together, and therefore we don't take as many swings as a Replacement Blog at the braintrusts.

Yet one has to wonder from time to time, just how in the hell MLB manages to brick easy layups. For instance, how in the hell are these the first foray into All-Stars ditching their team-centric jerseys in the Midsummer Classic? How?

There's no other way to say it. These are terrible. They look like something designed for an All-Star polo match, not baseball. Something George Constanza designed while trying to get canned by the Yankees. The internet hates everything but appears unusually united in its hatred for these threads. Because, well, there's precious little choice in the matter.

Baseball players wearing the jersey of the team they play for in the American League-National League matchup should have been a sacred tradition. To see it go out to make room for these monstrosities makes the sting feel even more painful.

The self-inflicted nature of the whole ordeal is just confounding.

Big-time yikes.