New Miami Marlins Uniforms As Awful As You Imagined (Maybe)


Update: I’ve been told these images were made by a fan on the forum. I think it says a lot about the new Marlins look that people are so willing to believe these are real.

Are these uniform mock-ups obtained by Marlin Maniac real? They could be and that’s a scary thing. We won’t officially know anything under November 11th because old people still believe that release dates mean something in the internet era. We’ve already seen the atrocious home run celebration thing that spews rainbows and stereotypes with every might swing. We have also seen the new Marlins logo, which, I’ll admit, I have gotten used to. I mean, it’s the letter M with some colors on it. It’s hard to fuck up a single letter.

Having said that, I hate these potential uniforms. I’ll start with the orange uniform. I love orange. It’s always been my favorite color. Always rooted for Syracuse growing up because of the orange jerseys. I don’t mind the orange shirt. Maybe pull the pant legs up like real baseball players and it could look cool. The hat is beyond awful though. A yellow brim and and orange cap? That’s nonredeemable. When you combine the shirt with the cap it looks like a shitty All-Star game uniform. The black is fine, but they need to make the brim black as well. Baseball teams shouldn’t have multiple hats.

These home/away uniforms are better, but that’s not saying much. I don’t even mind the teal cap. I just hope these abortions look better on Jose Reyes than they do in MS Paint.

[Marlins Maniac via Miami New Times]