New England Patriots Stopping Traffic During Morning Rush Hour is a Great Metaphor For America Right Now

Patriots team buses mess up the morning commute.
Patriots team buses mess up the morning commute. /

We are in our seventh month of a full-fledged pandemic in America. At times during 2020, it might have felt like our priorities were out of whack. It sometimes feels like more time and resources were devoted to bringing back sports than safely re-opening the country. That entertainment has been given precedence over the greater good of the public. Then you see this video of the New England Patriots' team buses completely F-ing up the commute of thousands of people this morning so they can fly to Kansas City at the minute and you're certain that's what is happening.

This is a civic priority apparently. Shutting down four lanes of traffic in rush hour so that Brian Hoyer can make his second start since 2017. Like, is one of the planes they're taking not private? Is this a Home Alone situation where they pile into the buses, take a head count and accidentally count Jayson Tatum and leave Julian Edelman asleep in the locker room?

I'm not even sure if this counts as a metaphor. It is literally the needs of a few being put in front of the many. Those poor New Englanders are just trying to get to their jobs where they probably won't even have their temperatures taken. And they just have to sit on the highway while the Patriots cut the line, maybe screwing up someone's entire day on the way. Sorry if you're inconvenienced but come on, Monday Night Football doubleheader in October?

I mean, you've got to have priorities.