New Bills Stadium Could Prominently Feature Massive Bronze Buffalo Statues

The Bills' new stadium
The Bills' new stadium /

The Buffalo Bills are in the very early stages of mapping out what their new stadium will look like. The team wants to have it finished and ready to go by 2026. On Thursday, they released the first digital renderings of what the stadium will look like and it is the same kind of glass mausoleum that sports teams are so fond of building these days.

More importantly, though, the Bills apparently plan to put three absolutely massive bronze buffalo statues right outside the stadium and we got our first look at it.

Extremely awesome. Those things are freaking huge. The Bills call that area a "family circle" and hope it'll be a gathering place for all their fans. They shouldn't have much trouble since everyone will want a picture with the beasts.

The question is not if, but when a Bills fan will leap off the back of one of these buffaloes and smash through a folding table.