New Applebee's Commercial Features Infuriating Yet Catchy Tune

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It is football season, and with the return of football comes the return of fresh commercials from all the companies that can afford an ad spot. Pretty much everybody saves their best marketing ideas for football season because of the ratings and what have you.

College football's Week 1 took place this weekend, and it brought a new commercial to thousands. Specifically, an Applebee's commercial. It first aired last week during Week 0 games but this Saturday was the first collective "sit down and watch football all day" event of the fall so many were seeing it for the first time. Reception was... mixed. See for yourself.

Dammit if that ain't catchy, man. It will be a long football season if the quantity of Applebee's commercials from today is any indication of how NFL season will go. It shows up every other commercial break, chiming the same tune.

Whatever you may say about it all, though, it is painfully Applebee's. For better and for worse.