Nets Players Coming to Collect After Big Upset Win Over Bucks

Nets players
Nets players / Pool/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets basically trotted out a G-League team to play the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. They were 19-point underdogs. But they won! If you're a betting person, you could have put $10 on the Nets to win this afternoon and walked away with $150.

The Bucks sat Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton for the entirety of the second half, but the Nets played their hearts out to get the win. It was the biggest upset of the bubble by a long shot. I personally predicted they'd lose by over 25, and unfortunately the Nets proved my dissenting coworkers correct. While I did not bet anything other than thoughts and prayers on that opinion, some Twitter users bet more. And Brooklyn's players are coming to collect.

Let me first introduce you to the account Unusual Circumstance, a Nets fan account that promised to get a back tattoo of Jarrett Allen if the Nets pulled out the win. Allen took notice, even though he did not play in this game. The fan in question made their account private after Allen called him out, so it is unclear if they will follow through.

Next is John DeZarga, who promised to get a Chris Chiozza tattoo on his arm if his tweet got a certain amount of likes AND the Nets won. He probably felt good about that. But Chiozza, who played great and was a big reason Brooklyn squeaked away with their unlikely win, won't let him forget about it.

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