Brooklyn Nets Unveil New Court Design For 2019-20 Season

Photo: @BrooklynNets
Photo: @BrooklynNets /

The Brooklyn Nets had one more big offseason acquisition to reveal on Monday morning: a brand-new court design that seems to be the NBA's first full-time gray court.

Brooklyn took to Twitter to unveil their new playing surface, one they label as "Inspired by the borough" and "built for the borough". While fully-colored courts are sometimes seen at the college basketball level, this is the first full-time example in NBA history. According to the introductory tweet thread, the colors are labeled "weathered wood and concrete gray" and are meant to "represent playground courts throughout the borough; the brownstone-lined streets and Brooklyn’s industrial foundation".

""Barclays is dark anyway," Nets general manager Sean Marks told Zach Lowe of ESPN. "I wanted this to be brighter without using super bright colors. This is simple, to the point."

The new court also features a simplified version of the Nets' "B" basketball roundel, as well as sidelines showcasing tiles and typography inspired by the New York City subway system. Brooklyn had previously toyed with idea of a mosaic style on court lettering last season, but ditched it in favorite of a generic "Brooklyn" print.

While rejected last season, the subway idea stuck with designers of the new hardwood.

"There was some impetus to refresh things but also some hesitation," Nets vice president of content Jeff Gamble told Lowe. "We were nervous about messing it up. We have seen court designs that have fallen on their face."

This appears to be the last big addition for the Nets, who have enjoyed quite the offseason. Their new court is set to feature incoming stars Kyrie Irving and (eventually) Kevin Durant, as the pair was signed to a team that will welcome back exciting younger talent like Caris LeVert and Spencer Dinwiddie. This past season, Brooklyn made their first playoff appearance since 2015 but were unable to make it out of the opening round.

The new court will make its unofficial debut against the defending champion Toronto Raptors in a preseason game on October 18. Brooklyn's home opener comes on October 23 with a visit from Minnesota.