Nerlens Noel Can Stop Worrying The Sixers Have Too Man Centers Because Joel Embiid is Clearly a Stretch-Four Now

Stephen Douglas

Nerlens Noel doesn’t need to worry anymore. Last week Noel expressed his concerns about the Sixers, coming off a 10-win season, being TOO DEEP, but the events of the last few days should assuage any concerns. First, here are his comments via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

"“I think it’s just silly . . . this situation that we are in now with three starting centers,” Noel said on the eve of the Sixers’ media day. “With the departure of [former general manager and president] Sam Hinkie, I would have figured that management would be able to get something done this summer.” “I think something needs to happen,” Noel said."

Here’s why Noel needn’t worry. First, Ben Simmons broke his foot which opens up more minutes in the rotation. While Simmons was a 6’10”, 250-pound point guard, he was still going to take minutes at forward. Now there’s more time for Noel, who averaged 11.1 points and 8.1 rebounds for a 10-win team last season.

Second, Joel Embiid is developing into a stretch four. Just look at him nail all these three-pointers in practice. With Embiid stretching the floor, there will be plenty of room down low for Noel and Jahlil Okafor to operate.

" Joel Embiid will play in the preseason opener on Tuesday. Here he is knocking down a bunch of threes in a row. — Rich Hofmann (@rich_hofmann) October 2, 2016 "

Sixers might have their best season since the Doug Collins era this year.

That would take 20 wins.