Nelly's "Hot in Herre" Video Featured Julius Peppers, Carmelo Anthony, T.J. Duckett and Lots of Jerseys


“Hot in Herre,” the seminal 2002 Nelly song, has been playing on loop on Latino Mix 105.7 in Los Angeles since around 3pm Friday afternoon. This probably means that the station is undergoing a format change, but I’d rather focus on the song and the video than what it means for a terrestrial radio station across the country.

In addition to introducing us to the lyric, “I’m just kidding like Jason,” the 12-year old “Hot in Herre” video features cameos by Carmelo Anthony, Julius Peppers and T.J. Duckett. TWELVE YEARS. How old do you feel right now? If you don’t recognize Melo, that’s because he was still a senior in high school when this video was shot. Peppers, the freshly inked Green Bay Packer, was still at North Carolina and T.J. Duckett was a rookie with the Atlanta Falcons. As you can see, he already had a nice TD chain.

Then there were the jerseys. Michael Jordan, Edgerrin James, Marcus Camby, Jerry Rice and Darius Miles jerseys all make appearances. There also appear to be unidentifiable Knicks and Nets jerseys and maybe a University of Florida jersey. And lots of Vokal. So much Vokal.

It should also be noted that Murphy Lee is sporting a #14 Saint Louis Billikens jersey. That would be an Andrew Latimer jersey. Andrew Latimer, a 6’10” big man from Australia played two short seasons with Saint Louis and averaged 2 points for his 29-game career. (He’s on Twitter!) This has to be one of the rarest jerseys of all-time.

Anyway, thank you Latino Mix 105.7. Thank you for reminding us that time is a flat circle and that flat circle is the “Hot in Herre” single on vinyl.