Nebraska Delays Scott Frost's Inevitable Firing

Purdue v Nebraska
Purdue v Nebraska / Steven Branscombe/GettyImages

After four months on campus as athletic director at Nebraska, Trev Alberts has decided to keep head football coach Scott Frost. Frost and the university agreed to restructure his contract after a woeful four seasons in charge. This move seems pointless, as Frost has shown he can't turn the program around and will inevitably be fired.

Frost arrived at his alma mater with much fanfare after going 19-7 in two years at Central Florida. That included a 13-0 record and a Peach Bowl title in 2017. It looked like the Cornhuskers finally had the guy to turn around the program. So far, he's been an utter disaster.

Under Frost, Nebraska went 4-8 in 2018, 5-7 in 2019, 3-5 in 2020 and is 3-7 this year. He's 15-27 and 10-23 in the Big Ten. Horrendous stuff.

While Nebraska's defense has been really good this year, the team hasn't improved overall. It seems the Huskers repeat the same mistakes and haven't been coached out of their deficiencies. Frankly, the entire offensive and special teams staffs should be fired. Given that Frost is an offensive-minded head coach, isn't that a sign that he's not worth keeping?

On top of all that, Frost has seen his recruiting ability fall apart. The Cornhuskers' 2022 recruiting class currently ranks dead last in the Big Ten and 71st nationally. In 2021 he had the fifth-ranked class (and 20th nationally), and in 2020 Nebraska was 4th in the Big Ten and 20th nationally. But it's clear recruits aren't buying what he's selling anymore after he couldn't turn those classes into success on the field.

There is almost no chance Frost turns this around. Nebraska has been really bad for four years, he's not suddenly going to discover a hidden road map to success buried on the outskirts of Lincoln.

Eventually he'll get fired and keeping him on an extra year is just delaying the inevitable.