Nebraska Message Board User Suggests Replacing Scott Frost With Jim Harbaugh, Achieves Nirvana

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Scott Frost's fourth season with Nebraska started off the same way the previous three woeful campaigns have begun as the Cornhuskers failed to show up for a national showcase against Illinois, dropping a winnable game at a time when the program desperately needs to start winning some games. If Frost is not walking around channeling Gob Bluth and repeating over and over that he's made a huge mistake, then he perhaps doesn't fully appreciate how disastrous the decision to flee a perfect UCF team for his alma mater has proved to be.

For some context on just how bleak things have been in Lincoln, consider this stat, which cannot possibly be real but is somehow very real.

We should probably give you some time to process that. Perhaps some people have been a bit unfair comparing these two situations. As one can see, they are clearly not analogous.

One big-brained Big Red supporter, likely inspired by processing this incredible bit of information, did the only responsible thing and took to the message boards to float a potential solution to the whole mess.

Replace with Frost with Harbaugh.

Is there any more exciting way to start a thought than "bear with me on this one?" When someone does that, you know without a doubt that the ride's about to get a bit bumpy and veer into unexpected places. Ol' SLOHusker makes some decent points, but it's probably a bit unreasonable to think Harbaugh would leave Michigan or be fired from Michigan to take the freaking Alabama job, let alone the Nebraska gig.

Imagine if he did, though. Imagine him turning Nebraska back into a national title contender and routinely beating Ohio State in the conference title game. Legendary stuff that absolutely has as much a chance of happening as him waking up with three heads tomorrow.