NCAA Ruling on North Carolina Academic Scandal Was to Protect the Basketball Program, Right?


"Based on the joint review, UNC and the NCAA staff concluded there were no violations of current NCAA rules or student-athlete eligibility issues related to courses in African and Afro-American Studies. As a result, the NCAA did not add any allegations or include this issue during the University’s appearance in October 2011 before the Committee on Infractions."

Hey, we can’t do our jobs, but if any of you investigative reporters want to poke around and see what you can find, great. But the NCAA’s ruling doesn’t close the case on this situation, obviously. Certainly more will come out. One of the best conspiracy theories on why the NCAA made the decision it did – remember, the football team had previously been slapped down; maybe the NCAA thought that was enough? – is to protect the storied basketball team. After all, UNC hoops is one of the marquee teams in the sport (maybe No. 1?), and to damage the program would mean to put a dent in the NCAA’s wallet:

"If the intent of the no-show classes and independent studies were to keep athletes eligible, the university could face major sanctions that could potentially bring down championship banners for its men’s basketball team. The team won the NCAA tournament in 2005 and 2009. Basketball is where the NCAA makes the lion share of its revenues. A nonprofit association, its most recently available tax return on shows nearly all of its $740 million in revenues came from the nationally-televised basketball tournament. Hence, there is concern that what happened Friday was the NCAA protecting a celebrated, lucrative basketball program."

Football star Julius Peppers played for the basketball team too – just not during his final year, you know, when he took all those AFAM classes. [News & Observer]

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