NC Dinos Win Korean Series, Celebrate With Enormous Sword


The NC Dinos captured the franchise's first Korean Series this morning, defeating Doosan in Game 6. They are worthy champions who led wire-to-wire and showed little signs of rust after waiting around for an opponent. A trendy bandwagon pick thanks to their uncomfortably swole mascot, NC proved serious at the plate from Day 1 and their pitching came around to be in top form when it mattered most.

They'll forever be associated with a bizarre but ultimately rewarding baseball year in which the only televised game was at 5:25 a.m. EST. God willing, fewer people will have to get their diamond fix from the other side of the world next year, though there are so many reasons to stay interested in the KBO.

Perhaps the most persuasive argument can be made visually. Because, damn, look at the size of this sword the title-winning team gets to wield.

Sports are so beautiful some times. One minute you're wondering where hope and joy will come from and the next you and your young son are bonding over how sick that sword looks. Life finds a way.

It goes without saying that all American sports would be improved by the introduction of more large, sharp hardware. Who says no except the liability lawyers?