NBC News Now Being Dunked on Internally and Externally

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

NBC News' spineless and cynical decision to counter-program a town hall with President Donald Trump has backfired in the most predictable ways, from an internal revolt to the candidate involved making a mockery of the whole thing. Oops! Couldn't have happened to a more craven group of decision-makers.

Strife is ripping through the highest levels of NBCUniversal today, per multiple reports. This happens as external criticism mounts. It's a perfect storm born out a red-sky morning and the one life jacket has already been fitted for Trump. Again, oops!

Here's some defense being played in defense of the indefensible. Plan B, if you will, once the preventing-this defense proved too little, too late in a Big 12 game.

If those words sound familiar that's because they are paraphrased from a man dressed as a hot dog on Netflix reminding everyone that they all want to figure out whoever could have done this. It's insane to see those who made the decision lament that such a decision was made, as if the town hall will show up on their channels the way they do for us at home: just randomly after Chicago Fire without us asking.

They want to act like their hands are tied against their will when they not only showed Trump how to tie a Bowline, they purchased the rope custom-made. Speaking of, let's check in on the guy who was given 90 free minutes of airtime after backing out of the second scheduled debate.

This was a shrewd but not at all clever move by the president. No need to be clever when you're dealing with the collective memory of a school of goldfish.

On one hand, it's hard not to feel bad for NBC News which debased itself for ratings, all the while alienating internally and insulted publicly. Again, who couldn't have seen this coming. It's not 4-D or even 3-D chess at play here. It's one-dimensional, really, as the bottom-line tends to be.