Staff Predictions For the 2019-20 NBA Season

Liam McKeone
Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers
Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It seems like only yesterday Kawhi Leonard brought the country of Canada its first Larry O'Brien Trophy. But it wasn't just yesterday, and much has changed; Leonard ended up in Los Angeles next to Paul George and across from LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are teammates, and the Sixers added Al Horford to build one of the biggest rosters in the NBA, to name just a few of the league's power shifts. It should be a great season. Before it kicks off tonight with Pelicans-Raptors, here are The Big Lead's staff predictions for the 2019-20 NBA season.

Atlantic Division

Liam McKeone: Celtics

Bobby Burack: Celtics

Kyle Koster: Celtics

Stephen Douglas: Sixers

Ryan Phillips: Sixers

Central Division

McKeone: Bucks

Burack: Bucks

Koster: Bucks

Douglas: Bucks

Phillips: Bucks

Southeast Division

McKeone: Heat

Burack: Heat

Koster: Hawks

Douglas: Heat

Phillips: Heat

Northwest Division

McKeone: Jazz

Burack: Jazz

Koster: Nuggets

Douglas: Nuggets

Phillips: Nuggets

Pacific Division

McKeone: Lakers

Burack: Lakers

Koster: Clippers

Douglas: Clippers

Phillips: Lakers

Southwest Division

McKeone: Rockets

Burack: Rockets

Koster: Rockets

Phillips: Rockets

Douglas: Rockets

Most Valuable Player

McKeone: LeBron James

Burack: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Koster: Kawhi Leonard

Glasspiegel: Steph Curry

Douglas: Nikola Jokic

Phillips: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Sixth Man of the Year

McKeone: Lou Williams

Burack: Lou Williams

Koster: Derrick Rose

Phillips: Lou Williams

Douglas: Spencer Dinwiddie

Rookie of the Year

McKeone: Ja Morant

Burack: Zion Williamson

Koster: Carsen Edwards

Glasspiegel: Ja Morant

Phillips: Ja Morant

Douglas: Tyler Herro

Most Improved Player

McKeone: Gordon Hayward

Burack: Gordon Hayward

Koster: Lonzo Ball

Phillips: Lonzo Ball

Douglas: Markelle Fultz

Defensive Player of the Year

McKeone: Rudy Gobert

Burack: Draymond Green

Koster: Rudy Gobert

Phillips: Rudy Gobert

Douglas: Draymond Green

Coach of the Year

McKeone: Mike Malone

Burack: Steve Kerr

Koster: Lloyd Pierce

Glasspiegel: Steve Kerr

Phillips: Nick Nurse

Douglas: Mike Malone

NBA Finals

McKeone: Clippers vs. Sixers

Burack: Jazz vs. Bucks

Koster: Lakers vs. Hawks

Glasspiegel: Nuggets vs. Bucks

Phillips: Lakers vs. Bucks

Douglas: Lakers vs. Sixers

NBA Champions

McKeone: Sixers

Burack: Bucks

Koster: Lakers

Glasspiegel: Bucks

Douglas: Lakers

Phillips: Lakers