Could Kevin Durant Play if the NBA Season Resumes?

Kevin Durant on the Nets bench.
Kevin Durant on the Nets bench. / Harry How/Getty Images

We are still months away from finding out if the NBA or NHL seasons will be salvaged, but in the meantime we can dream up ways to crown a champion. Over the weekend Spencer Dinwiddie of the Brooklyn Nets suggested a pretty wild NBA playoff tournament that featured all 30 teams.

Honestly, that sounds pretty cool. Someone went through and seeded the teams based on the current standings and yeah, it still sounds pretty cool.

One person who had something to say about the plan was Jared Dudley, who thought the Lakers were getting screwed out of a best of seven series. Once Dinwiddie explained the plan, Dudley was OK with it. As long as "players who are hurt still have to sit out."

Considering Dudley is talking to a former Brooklyn Nets teammate and under this plan the Lakers could end up playing the Nets in the round of 16, this is definitely about Kevin Durant. If everything goes well and the NBA season does resume, Kevin Durant might be ready to play after spending the last year recovering from his torn Achilles. Dudley says he shouldn't be able to, but why not?

Durant is making $37 million to rehab this season. If he can play and wants to play, he should be allowed to play. The same goes for Klay Thompson. How far could the Warriors go with Steph and Klay in the 30-seed? If the season resumes, Giannis Antetokounmpo will have had time to rest his knee. If KD is ready to go, let's go.

Of course, this is all theoretical. We have no idea when or even if the season will resume. We don't know if KD will be full-on ready and willing to play an NBA game before [whenever] the next season starts. But as long as he's getting paid, he should have the option. This isn't like when Dwight tried to stall the volleyball game against corporate. The Nets are in the same position as every other team and if KD can play, he should. It would be news just as joyous as finding out Pam was pregnant. I hope it's an argument we have to have.