We're Finally Going to Know How Tall NBA Players Really Are

2019 NBA Finals - Game Five
2019 NBA Finals - Game Five / Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Players have been listed at taller and heavier than they are in reality in their home programs since the inception of the printing press. Telling white lies about these figures is largely a victimless crime. But the year 2019 demands exactitude. A knowable fact should be known.

With that in mind -- and possibly some additional gambling considerations -- the NBA is implementing a new rule in the interest of transparency. And folks, we're about to get updated heights of all our favorite superstars.

That sound you hear is Kevin Durant getting a bit antsy. He's comfortably been in that squishy 6-foot-9 or possibly 7-foot gray area. Now he'll be pinned down.

This may seem like a dumb thing to be excited about. Maybe it is. At the same time, look at the passion and furor over the measuring of men at the combine. It's electric and good for pageviews, somehow. Now imagine the most visible sports stars of our time are going to be poked and prodded to see who has been fudging the stats all this time.