NBA Free Agency & Trade Predictions: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, & Paul George


What will LeBron James do? Will Paul George stay in Oklahoma City? Is Kawhi Leonard going to be traded? What surprises will take place? Can anything be done to dethrone the Warriors?

The Big Lead Staff says:

Will Paul George remain with the Thunder? If not, where does he end up?

Vik Chokshi: No, Los Angeles Lakers

Bobby Burack: No, I think he will strongly consider it but will ultimately decide to go back home. Paul George wanted to be a Laker last summer, but it wasn’t his choice. This summer, it is.

Ryan Phillips: He’ll stay with the Thunder and fleece them with a max contract. It makes by far the most sense financially.

Jason McIntyre: Paul George goes to the Lakers. He’ll always be 2nd banana to Russell Westbrook in OKC; in LA, as LeBron turns 34 in December, it would not shock me if George (only 28) emerges as a superstar.

Henry McKenna: Paul George is headed for the Lakers.

Ryan Glasspiegel: Yes.

What team will Kawhi Leonard be on at the start of the season?

Chokshi: The San Antonio Spurs.

Burack: The Milwaukee Bucks.

McIntyre: San Antonio Spurs.

Phillips: The San Antonio Spurs.

McKenna: Lakers.

Glasspiegel: The San Antonio Spurs.

What will be the biggest surprise this offseason?

Chokshi: LeBron leaving the Cavs.

McIntyre: Because nobody has cap room, Julius Randle runs out of options and returns to the Lakers for his qualifying offer.

Burack: LeBron’s decision will come by 9 pm est July 2.

Phillips: The Lakers will re-sign Julius Randle instead of opting to go after two max contract players.

McKenna: Chris Paul gets kicked off the banana boat. After Paul George, LeBron (and maybe Kawhi) land with the Lakers, Paul is forced to return to Houston.

Glasspiegel: LeBron to Heat.

What move can be made this summer to beat the Warriors next season?

Chokshi: LeBron and Kawhi teaming up on a team with an already good core i.e. Philly or LA.

Burack: The Warriors not making a move. If Golden State does not improve their roster, Boston and Houston can and will beat them.

McIntyre: LeBron, Paul George and keeping Julius Randle, while not losing any of their young core, can beat the Warriors next year. Not saying they will, but they can.

Phillips: LeBron James going to either Houston or Philadelphia. Those two situations could potentially dethrone the Warriors but I wouldn’t bet on either.

McKenna: The Celtics can trade for Kawhi Leonard if the Spurs get desperate. That said, the Celtics can probably still beat the Warriors if they simply retain Marcus Smart, a restricted free agent.

Glasspiegel: Nothing this year if Curry and Durant have legs that work.

LeBron James will be wearing a _____  jersey on opening night.

Chokshi: Purple and Gold.

Burack: 16 months after the rumors began, LeBron James will be wearing a Lakers jersey on the second night of the NBA season.

Phillips: Lakers. It makes the most sense for all involved. It will also be the last move he makes in his career.

McIntyre: Lakers.

McKenna: Lakers (No misdirection coming).

Glasspiegel: Heat.