It's Time to End the Zoom Broadcast Meeting For All


The first nibble of a strange new flavor of NBA hit the lips this afternoon with the resumption of exhibition games. It's all going to take some getting used to, even for the more adventurous consumers. And because of that, it's probably not the best idea to be making snap judgements. Some things need to be swished around for a while and the aftertaste considered before moving onto the next course.

Yet, I think I've had my fill of the Zoom basketball broadcast. The first foray into it by the Denver Nuggets' television team has proved to be less than palatable. To be clear, it's through no fault of those involved. They're in a tough, awkward spot. Which is the problem.

We've made it to 2020 without seeing the broadcasters' faces while watching the game action. This was a good choice. We really weren't missing much, as long as they could chime in with their voices-- which they can very much do without being on the screen at all times.

There is some opportunity to add value, as showcased here with some candid and floored reactions to Bol Bol's full-court domination.

But the relative highs are simply not worth the deep valleys. Case in point: some rogue, very heavy breathing that is all too familiar with any parent who sets up a call with Grandpa and Grandma.

No sane person is expecting a smooth broadcast considering the circumstances. It's just absurd to add to the already-weird situation by adding a block of faces atop the screen like we're all looking at a Q3 prospectus as opposed to a basketball game. Simply enough, it just looks really amateurish and is distracting. Plus, it has to be triggering to so many people who have suffered through miserable Zoom calls during the quarantine and are seeking escape.

Life in general has already conspired to serve us an unusual dish. There's no reason to use exotic condiments to spice up the already-bizarre foodstuffs. Diving into this haggis is challenging enough without the side of ghost peppers. There's no reason to go totally insane with the experience.

Like the extremely vapid bros you follow on Instagram say: do less.

The Zoom broadcast is a perfect example of biting off more than the public is ready to chew. Because, damn, it's tough plate.