NBA Baller Beats video game designed to improve ball-handling skills


What: NBA Baller Beats
When: Sept. 11
How much: $59
Where: GameStop, Walmart, Amazon and Target
The Scoop: NBA Baller Beats (Majesco Entertainment) is the first motion-based sports video game, available for Kinect for Xbox 360.

That’s the point — to practice ball handing skills, which you master using a replica NBA game ball from Spalding that comes with the game.

Use the ball to dribble along to a party-worthy soundtrack featuring 30 tunes from artists like Kanye West, Justice, Skrillex, LMFAO and Santigold. (And if you’re a fan of 80s hip-hop, you’ll appreciate Run DMC in the lineup).

To jumpstart your gaming addiction, two-time NBA champion and basketball analyst Kenny Smith provides an interactive tutorial. Then choose from 30 NBA teams — Brooklyn Nets included.

The game features three levels — rookie, pro and baller (easy, medium and hard). You can mix and match skill level and song. For instance, choose the pro level and play to an easy song.

Score points by dribbling to the beat while performing a variety of moves like the crossover, pump fake and around-the-world, which are flashed to the right of the screen.

As the tally adds up, you’ll earn achievements and gain additional gametime. 

NBA Baller Beats features a Battle Mode, which allows you to go head-to-head against multiple players — the highest scorer claims bragging rights. 

The game’s Locker Room feature packs trading cards, posters of your favorite NBA pros and snapshots…of yourself. Yep, the Kinect sensor takes photos as you play, which you can upload and share on Facebook.