J.A. Adande Is Only Half-Right About Paying Arena Workers During Coronavirus Scare

Chase Center
Chase Center / Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors announced they would play Thursday night's game against the Brooklyn Nets at Chase Center with no fans in attendance. They also stated they would refund anyone who bought a ticket to that game.

J.A. Adande suggested shifting that money to the arena workers who will miss out on paychecks due to games being canceled or played with no one in attendance. He's only half-right.

Adande's instincts here are understandable. Those in-arena workers won't be getting paid if events are canceled, or if they aren't needed when the Warriors play in front of no fans. It's not a fair situation. That doesn't mean people who saved up money for tickets shouldn't get their money back. There was a basic transaction made. They paid money to see a game. If they don't get what they paid for they should get their money back.

We all know what should happen here. NBA owners should set aside money and pay the salaries of the workers who will be missing out on paychecks. It's not just the fair thing to do, it's the right thing to do.

Those in-arena workers largely work thankless jobs and when they take them, they expect to work a certain number of hours. If those hours are taken away because of a team or league policy, it's not fair to punish them for it.

People who paid for tickets to games they won't be allowed to attend should get a full refund. There's no question about that. But arena workers should be compensated as well, and that money should come out of owners' pockets.