What's Your Favorite Part of This Take on Bandwagon Washington Nationals Fans?

League Championship Series - St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals - Game Four
League Championship Series - St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals - Game Four / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The District of Columbia has suddenly turned into Title Town. The Capitals and Mystics secured the biggest prizes in the NHL and WNBA, respectively. Last night, the Nationals captured the National League pennant, meaning they are four wins from the biggest bauble in baseball.

With so much playoff heartache in recent years, the Nats bandwagon has been a dangerous ride. But something feels different this year. Guys like this are hopping in with both feet and enjoying the ride, unafraid of being hurt.

But not everyone loves when a city catches a collective fever. The National Review's (not to be confused with The Nationals Review) Alexandra DeSanctis gave voice to this feeling with this tweet, and it is a masterpiece.

There's a lot to like here, though two elements really stand out. So the simple question is, which tickles your fancy more?

Option 1: the fact that this writer decrying Johnny Come Lately Nats fans went to the wrong stadium at the beginning of the season in an attempt to take in a game.

To be fair, RFK was used for three seasons before the team moved to its new digs. But that was in 2008, during the height of the Obama-McCain campaign. Easy to miss something like this at the time and then for more than a decade after.

Option 2: The fact that the team in question here moved from a part of a different country, along the way dropping its Expos name.

Tough choice.

Look, to be clear, we're just having some fun here. If anyone is incensced over this, they need to find a different blog to visit. I won't have it. Not over something this unimportant.

Just need some feedback. That's all.